The legend of Dymphna is also closely linked to the identity of Geel, town of mercy. This year, Kees Visser was awarded the last category. Made of reconstructions and simulacra, Maxime Bondu’s work is an invitation to grasp this element of relentless uncertainty, which is part and parcel of our reality. The Fondation d’entreprise Ricard will present its eighteenth annual prize this coming autumn, curated by Isabelle Cornaro. While placing art center stage, GB11 is a constellation of various parts taking place throughout Salesforce enrichit Commerce Cloud.

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At once quaint and absurd, the exhibition intends to touch, provoke and overwhelm through the concentrated and manifold complexity of its singular and timeless subject matter. Je l’ai rencontrée [group show] 07 Mar – 20 May. Group show – Finalits’ photographies of Prix Pictet. Créée en par Johana Carrier et Marine Pagès, Roven éditions est une structure éditoriale associative française. But it can also concern very specific, special places that are accordingly used in special ways. A central part of this interest in the performative aspect of art is its projective and imaginative qualities art’s active relationship to the future.

Cédrick Eymenier Drawing room 12 Oct – 30 Oct. Jens Maier-Rothe Shifted from a familiar mental movement, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle – in between things, between this and that sense, between one fiction and many others.

Sophie Ristelhueber

Her work undergoes a radical turn from the 50s, when she focuses on vieder abstraction. The prize consists of the purchase of a work by the winning artist, which is then donated to the Pompidou Centre where it is put on show in the permanent collection.

These museums rarely collected; they researched, educated, or functioned as laboratories. Yona Friedman 23 Feb.

esker viewer

Grande salle du Centre Georges-Pompidou de 14h à 21h. He eskrr lives in Paris, and has participated in several international exhibitions, among others the Moscow Biennial currently on view.


Téléchargement de Tun 2016

esket Wesley Meuris Musée pour cible [group show] 11 Feb – 08 Apr. At Piazza Ganganelli a number of elements along the path in Welcome to Caveland!

esker viewer

Cédrick Eymenier Projection 24 Nov. In a two-day forum, Biennale Fellows, as well as their peers and colleagues, are invited to come together, share experiences and discuss the future of this kind of work, especially with regards to questions of value, continuity and scale. Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou » provides an overview of contemporary art since the s with works by more than artists.

Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power combines an exhibition with a public program of lectures, panel discussions, performances and screenings to present stories from the history of feminist struggle. This journey is made up of works by already established international artists and also those of younger, emerging artists, many of whom come from regions of strong contrast and conflict.

Numerical Geoscience Centre – Projects

Wesley Meuris Attached 24 Oct – 24 Oct. Starting from a long and patient work on visual archives relating to decolonization, Kapwani Kiwanga defined a protocol calling for a recovery from iconographic documents of the time ; bouquets of flowers have been used for obviously symbolic purposes in ceremonies or events related to the independence of Viewr countries.

Babi Badalov Guerilla of Enlightenment. Peace Treaty analyses the relationship between war and peace to understand the symbolic transfers that occurred between both, with the goal of understanding the world and its laws not in order to submit to them, but to make them more hospitable. In many cases they concern « non-places » after the definition coined by the cultural anthropologist Marc Augéwhich are not clearly defined as spaces having specific characteristics, local qualities or identificational offerings.


esker viewer

A place can be specific and firmly determined, ideal or physical? In the colonial era, for instance, Western powers built their wealth looting human and natural resources; systematically appropriating or exporting workforce, plants and minerals.

She has been artist-in-residence at L? Kees Visser 20 May – 21 May.

Cédrick Eymenier Videobox « de buit et de mouvement » 27 Apr – 29 Apr. Esker obtient la certification ISO This exhibit suggests a fresh look on this difference and reinvents dialogues around the relationship between artists and architecture. By combining readings, sound and video extracts, the artist explores the status of the document, but also the possibilities of oral transmission. The artists also share a fascination with the original context of the forms they work with and how they are transformed in and through the work of art.

Romain Desjours | CV en ligne

Kapwani Kiwanga 17 Feb. Sophie Ristelhueber Portrait de l’artiste en alter [group show] 28 Apr – 04 Sep. Bertrand Lamarche, Shadows performance 29 Nov – 29 Nov. Throughout its duration, House of Commons changes constantly and thus sees itself less as a static group exhibition than as a dynamic project.

In an era when humanity is facing new challenges posed by big data, bioengineering and climate change, Whitechapel Gallery has invited ten groups of artists, architects and other cultural practitioners to explore the potential of collaboration and offer their visions of the future. On the artistic side, it is apparent that the theme similar lends itself to a wide variety of different aspects.