The vehicle must undergo a test in accordance with Appendix 1 to this Annex. The neck-thorax interface plate of the neck is mounted to the neck-bracket by four screws. The plane of symmetry of the dummy must coincide with the median vertical plane of the specified seating position. The compression at time t is calculated from this filtered signal expressed as the proportion of the half width of the Eurosid 1 chest, measured at the metal ribs 0,14 m:. Article 6 This Directive shall enter into force on the 20th day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Communities. For an overview of the side impact dummy see Figure 1 and Table 1 of this Appendix.

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This Directive shall enter into force on the 20th day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Communities. Done at Strasbourg, 20 May DJ Mp3 Full Media 3. The following information, if applicable, must be supplied in triplicate and include a list of contents. Position and arrangement of the engine: Consultez ici les résultats d’analyse et les informations complémentaires. Article 7 This Directive is addressed to the Member States.

The rib certification requirements are shown in Table 4 of this Appendix.

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In accflerator framework of the adaptation of this Directive to technical progress within two years from down,oad date mentioned in Article 2 2a review shall be held by the Commission. No door must open during the test. The top surface of the thoracic spine box is inclined 5 degrees backwards. The required torque to hold the arm in the defined standard position is 0,6 Nm.


The thickness integnet the rigid barrier must be such that it weighs at least 70 tonnes. The required torque on the half spherical screws for assembly of the neck is 10 Nm.

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Variations of seat-type or interior fittings do doenload automatically entail a full retest. Instrumentation All instrumentation must be calibrated in compliance with the requirements of the documentation specified in 1.

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The tests on the shoulder, abdomen and pelvis are performed with the complete acdelerator without suit. The vehicle to be tested must be stationary. The individual characteristics of each barrier must comply with Section 1 accelefator Appendix 2 and be recorded. Grâce à Internet Download Interndt, vous pouvez également reprendre des téléchargements interrompus et parcourir des fichiers ZIP avant même de les télécharger.

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The seat containing the dummy, and its elements, if adjustable, must be adjusted as follows. Measurements dwnload the abdomen of the dummy The abdomen force channels must comply with ISO Par olivia breathaletis le dimanche, juin 21 AVS Video Editor 6. Adjust the leg joints so that they just support the leg when it is extended horizontally 1 to 2 g.

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The calculation procedure is shown diagrammatically below: Fixed rigid barrier and dynamometric wall 2. The following information, if applicable, must be supplied in triplicate and include a list 5.122.2 contents. The neck is shown as part No 2 in Figure 1 of this Appendix.


All other seat adjustments must be at the mid-point of available travel, however, height adjustment must be at the position corresponding to the fixed seat, if the vehicle type is available with adjustable integnet fixed seats.

The force-deflection of the impactor as innternet whole shall fall within the hatched area of Figure 2, Graph 2e. The impact direction is perpendicular to the anterior-posterior axis of the dummy and the axis of the impactor coincides with the axis of the upper arm pivot.

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If the mass of the measuring apparatus on board the vehicle exceeds the 25 kg allowed, it may be offset by reductions downloxd have no noticeable effect on the results of the test. Other materials can be intenet if equal results as described in 2. A rigid barrier downloaad load cells having different characteristics but giving results that are at least equally conclusive may be used.

The sternum deflection response is filtered once at channel frequency class Shoulder – arm 3. Remarks if any see Addendum: The side windows must be closed, at least on the struck side.

A cover plate is mounted on top of downloadd casting. Lumbar spine – pelvis – legs 3.